Welcome to Mioné Designs, LTD About Michael Mioné Originally from Bronx, NY, Michael Mione` always had a flair for women’s fashion at a very young age. Graduating from F.I.T. in 1992, he earned a degree in Marketing and Buying/Fashion Design. Upon taking internship with Bob Mackie, he learned from him that a designer needs to know a woman from the inside out. Previously being part as a store manager for Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret, over the years Mione` learned the different aspects of today’s woman style. Understanding what she wants and what’s proper to wear for any events. His first fashion show was held at Harry’s Loft in Gramercy Park, NYC on November 2005. On May 2006 for the Wedding Channel couture fashion show, held at the Waldorf Astoria towers, NYC. And in February 2008, he was part of USA Fashion Show held at the Westin Hotel, NYC. Michael wants to share his vision for today’s high-end and sophisticated woman and wants to bring back glamour. Making you feel comfortable, sexy and glamorous with one of his Haute Couture gowns for any special events and or occasions. Our Services: Michael Mione` believes that a woman should be glamorous, sexy and sophisticated. You as his client will be able to choose your fabric, color and style. With his expertise, he will design a one-of-a-kind gown to your satisfaction comfort and style. He will never dictate fashion, you do! You can be your own individual and express yourself. With a Mione’ Design, your design will never be duplicated, it will solely be yours, so you can have the glamour and confidentiality in any event without any worries seeing another gown the same as yours. Michael Mione` will be your private designer and he will provide one-on-one clientele basis. So feel free to visit the rest of the site and enjoy! And remember…. You deserve to be sophisticated and a glamorous woman with high class and style. Michael's plan is to sell his couture collections mainly to high-end private clientele and specialty stores. Mione’ Designs includes, couture gown, cocktail and wedding dresses designed for today’s sophisticated woman, an old-world charm to fit her style and size. Every item is sewn and designed to fit your body size and type. He can always provide built-in bras if necessary, within the gown. He will use the finest fabrics; adorn gowns with jewelry, crystals and whatever you like it to be. Mione` will personally specialize to your needs on a one-on-one clientele basis, untill the product is done to your style, comfort and satisfaction. Today’s high fashion for the highly sophisticated and glamorous woman! Please visit our site and browse our recent high end one-of-a-kind gowns and set up an appointment with Michael Mioné, the designer himself. Thank you again your designer